Cindy Crawford: “Less is more”

Source: “Cindy Crawford” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by John Mathew Smith & www.celebrity-photos.comUnder Commercial use allowed

In 1997 Cindy Crawford was named second Most Beautiful Woman in the world according to a Shape survey, Demi Moore was listed first. Although she had exceptional good looks, Cindy’s beauty mark – a mole above her upper lip was retouched from her first British Vogue cover. In an interview with Naomi Campbell she revealed that her first model agency in Chicago also advised her to remove it. However, when she shot her first American Vogue cover, they did not edit it out and according to Cindy:

“So many women have beauty marks,” …“And I think that when they saw me on the cover of Vogue or in a magazine with my beauty mark, it made them feel more comfortable about their own beauty marks. It made them remember me. It became the thing that set me apart, in a weird way.”

Cindy is known for her fresh looks, make-up free selfies and in 2018 she shared her beauty philosophy: “Less is more” with InStyle magazine. She is a firm believer in eating right, wearing sunscreen and exercising as a form of both mental and physical health. And in case you’re wondering what her exercising routine is like, Cindy recently responded to a fan on Instagram, saying that she still does her famous – “Shape Your Body Workout”. So if you are looking for a home workout in times of quarantine, then Cindy’s is a great idea!

In 1992 Cindy released her first set of workout videos with trainer Radu Teodorescu. Soon after they became one of the best-selling workout clips of the decade.

P.S. The good thing about her workout routine is that you don’t need much equipment and it also trains the whole body. The scenery is just a plus: Cindy could be seen training on a beach and on a New York City rooftop. Oh, and the music is pretty calming too!

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