Romy Schneider & Alain Delon: films & passion (Part II)

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The year was 1969, Romy Schneider and Alain Delon were assigned for The Swimmingpool. The psychological thriller was set in Côte d’Azur, one of the most beautiful places in Southern France. Romy had been married to Harry Meyen for over 3 years now, a German film actor and Alain had recently divorced from Nathalie Barthélémy, the woman for whom he previously left Romy.

Harry Meyen regularly visited Romy on set, which wasn’t exactly typical for him as he had earlier on always emphasized that he would get bored watching his wife shoot. She appreciated his presence at The Swimmingpool (1969), but only to a certain extent. Romy felt monitored. Whether it was a matter of jealousy or not, Harry would later tell the press that he wasn’t bothered by Alain in any way. Romy was a grown up woman now, she wasn’t the girl who had previously fallen madly in love with Alain and Alain himself noticed the change. They both enjoyed working together and their work was unproblematic this time. He had enormous respect for both her talent and personality.

Romy’s appearance in The Swimmingpool (1969) set a whole new beginning in her career. She was now receiving offers which amounted to 1,3 million marks per movie, one of them – the role of Hélène in The Things of Life (1970). This was the first of five successful films which she would make with French film director Claude Sautet. Romy was now a movie star, her name was all over the French press. As of 1970 she had begun smoking a lot, on some days she would smoke up to 40 cigarettes a day. Romy was working all the time, she filmed six movies in less than two years.

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In 1971 Romy and Alain yet again met on the film set for the last time in The Assassination of Trotsky, alongside Richard Burton. Richard had his reservations about Alain’s acting skills, but soon after he was left pleasantly impressed by the French actor. At this point Alain Delon lived with this then girlfriend Mireille Darc meanwhile Romy, still together with Harry Meyen, got to know her private secretary, Daniel Biasini. Daniel, reminded her of Alain and she was not afraid to say it out loud. He made her feel like a woman again, she had once claimed. And so in 1975 she divorced from Harry Meyen and got married to the 11 years her junior, Daniel Biasini. 2 years later Romy gave birth to their daughter, Sarah Biasini, but the marriage was short-lived and in June 1981 they divorced. The same year Romy’s life took a tragic turn and only a few days later, on 5th July, her son, David died in an accident. She was heartbroken, from this moment on she started regularly drinking and smoking. Alain Delon, whom she stayed friends with, organized the boy’s funeral for her. Not even 2 years prior to this tragedy, Harry Meyen committed suicide, he couldn’t get over their divorce.

On 29th May 1982 Romy Schneider was found unconscious on her desk, in the midst of writing a letter to cancel an interview with a woman’s magazine. The cause for her death was determined to be a heart attack. A cocktail of drugs and alcohol emerged in her blood. Alain Delon, who always remained one of her closest friends, wrote one last letter to Romy after her death:

“You, I just want to apologize to you. You knew I would not be able to protect you from the crowd, from this storm you were so afraid of. I’m sorry. I’ll see you again tomorrow, when you and I are alone.
My little doll, I see again and again. I want to take my eyes to see that you’ve never been more beautiful and quieter than that. Hang on, I’m here. Today, for the first time I learned a German word, with you. Ich liebe dich! Love you. I love you, my little doll. ”

(Anabel Magazine)

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