Balmain’s Resort 2021 Collection: Jolie Madame & Pretty Woman

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B A L M A I N resort 2021 #normandy 💕💗👛 #shotbyme

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Balloon sleeves and tweed dresses with built-in corsets, Balmain’s Resort 2021 Collection was inspired by the classic 90’s style: ‘’Pretty Woman’’, ‘’Beverly Hills: 90210’’, ‘’The Fresh Prince of Bel Air’’ and Pierre Balmain‘s “Jolie Madame”. Mr. Balmain’s signature visuals were the embroidery, shoulder pads, and belted waists. Olivier Rousteing, creative director of the brand since 2011, reconceptualized this outstanding style with a sense of pop-culture and feeling for luxury.

What I wanted to do after COVID-19 was first to reinforce the DNA of the brand. The second thing is that I brought back a lot of archives from Monsieur Balmain.

The coronavirus pandemic made it challenging for Olivier and just like everyone else he had to adapt to a new style of working: choosing the fabrics, giving instructions and swapping images on WhatsApp and Zoom.

“The embroideries were done by old ladies working in their kitchen in the south of Italy. In Japan, they were working in their living room. It was tough, … The fabrics — that was a struggle because I was choosing by Zoom.”

Altogether Balmain produced 400 looks for women and 300 for men. On 15th June the brand presented its first virtual showroom. Oh, and the host of it? An avatar of Olivier himself, of course! He took to Instagram to share what the extraordinary experience looks like.

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Obsessed 💕💗🎀

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Last week Olivier managed to gather his team and to do the lookbook at a château in Normandy. The collection is all about bright colours, femininity, classic berets, puffed sleeves and everything French. Click HERE to check out the whole collection.

“We need to bring some joy, because right now the fashion world is kind of sad. Everybody is worried about the future, but instead of being worried, instead of words, put some action,”

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B A L M A I N in Normandy #resort2021 💗💕🎀 #shotbyme

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Photos: Courtesy of Balmain

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